Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to ordering our custom footballs, we get a lot of similar questions. Here is a useful page that should hopefull clear up any confusion you may have.

How many balls can I order?

The minimum amount of balls you can order is 25 balls. We realise that most of you are searching for single custom or personalised balls. Unfortuntely our company does not currently provide that service. We supply large orders for companies and football teams.


What is the delivery time for my custom footballs?

The lead time is usually around 5 weeks for balls. Please be aware there could be some change depending on the size of the order. If your orders are in the thousands, we would have to ship in batches to you, so leave plenty of time before your promotional event.


I want to send you my logo. Is JPEG ok?

We are really sorry but due to the high quality we aim to achieve, we need your logo in a format of either a high resolution pdf or a vector eps file. We will also need the pantone levels of each colour of your logo.


Can I order custom football shirts?

Yes you can. We can supply you with custom football clothing. Ask us what you are after and we can try and get it to you.



What is the difference between match balls, training balls and promotional balls?

The main difference is in the thickness of the balls. The match balls are the more durable. So we have an option for you whether they will sit on your shelf or sit in the back of the net.


How can I leave feedback?

Whether you are disappointed or delighted with our products, we want to hear from you. Just email with the subject line, 'Feedback'.


Do you do balls for other sports?

Yes we do. We offer custom footballs and football gear. Visit our other site for more. We are also thinking of expanding into American footballs and basketballs in the near future.


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