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A football is generally made from 32 hexagon panels - smaller balls will have fewer panels.

When thinking of the design, keeping the design within the hexagon is safest because any variation in the stitching process will throw out of line the design; and there is a danger of cutting across the heaxagons. 


It is possible to print tonal images but this can be very expensive for set up and usually involves a minimum order quantity, which is so high as to be prohibitive. There is also greater impact on this kind of item if you can keep it to two or three block colours. If you know the pantone references all the better.


We can let you have a template if that would make your life easier and whilst we would prefer an eps file, a pdf and other file formats are acceptable. We are here to help with this where ever we can and someone from our studio can talk to you about best practice.


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Discover how we at Pavilion Promotional use the artwork to provide you with a 3D representaition of your work, bringing the ball to life.

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