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Positions in Football

Here below is the most basic layout for a football team, the formation known as 4-4-2, which describes there being 4 defenders, 4 midfielders, and 2 attackers. This is the most basic format, but don't be worried if you see abbreviations that you don't recognise. Here are a list of common other positions that are not included in the formation below.


CDM: Centre Defensive Midfield. These players play in the midfield, but are defensively minded, so always make sure to sit back a bit more when the ball is being played forward. These players are usually plamakers, but also great tacklers.


CAM: Centre Attacking Midifle. Similarly, these players play in centre midfield, but are more attacking minded, making them excellent when shooting at goal.


RWB/LWB: Right and Left Wing Backs. These are defenders who love running up the wing get involved with the action. They are still defenders though, so have to rush back quickly if a counter-attack is launched.


RW/LW: Right and Left Wing. These are actually attacking positions, but these players play out wide on the wing, commonly in a 4-3-3 situation, allowing them to run up the wing and then either cutting inside or crossing the ball towards the striker waiting in the middle.


CF: The centre forward. This position is virtually no different from a striker, but it means that he plays slightly more forwards towards the goal, and also has no definitive area of the field he needs to remain him.

The Basic Rules

It's time to kick off, and here are some of the basic rules to help you get started. A lot of the rules are ones you'll pick up along the way. Remember to watch what other players do to try and improve your game. Good luck!

The Offside Rule

The offisde rule is something you will hear about a lot in football, as usually they make for very controversial decisions. The officials are constantly under scrutiny for their calls when it comes to offside, and the problem is, in a split-second of action, it's very hard for them to tell - This is one of the reasons fans and teams are calling out for video-referees.


You will know when an offisde call has been made by one of the linesman raising his flag directly into the air, and the pointing it out directly in front of him.

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