Branded Sports Clothing

Promotional sports clothing is perfect for any and every company, allowing you to advertise your brand as someone goes about their everyday life, whether they are at the gym, golf course, at a Tough Mudder event or playing tennis.


Give some to your staff members or give them to fans of your brand. Everyone loves a free gift, and particularly one they can wear.


If you are after any of the below products or something else entirely, get in touch with a member of our team.

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Men's Sports Shirt

Perfect for all field sports, tennis, basketball and the keen gym goers.

Ladies' Sports Shirt

Perfect for the football player, treadmill addict or field hockey nut.

Ladies' Polo Shirt

Excellent as a casual piece of clothing for promotional use or for the tennis players.

Men's Polo Shirt

If you're not playing tennis, the shirt is a perfect fit for the golf course.

Men's Cycle Shirt

Take to the road in style with branded shirts made for cyclists.

Ladies' Cycle Shirt

Perfect for customers and clients who love Le Tour de France.

Beanie Hats

Perfect for the winter sport fanatics or the keen fans on the sidelines.

Baseball Cap

Perfect for the summer athletes and worn everywhere with your brand on display.


If you love running in the cold then these are the perfect promo gifts.


If you have a target market of runners, this is the promotional gift for you.

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